How to Create Your Own Folder Locker

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Folder lock is used to keep some specific files and folders privately, as it has secret information which might be hidden from others. We may find some software to lock the folder in the internet. Instead of using someone software, now you can make your own folder locker software. Because that software may contain viruses, exploits and even it hacks your protected folder.


  1. Open a Notepad or TextPad file and type the below code from the image.
  2. In the 23rd line, there is a word “PASSWORD”. Replace “PASSWORD” to your own password, which is used to unlock the folder. Dont edit password field in 21stand 29thline

  3. Then save the file as “filename.bat”. While saving, change “save as type” as “All files”. Now make sure that the file would be changed to batch file instead of text file.
  4. Move the file to any place you want. Open the file by double clicking it or right-click and click open.
  5. You can find that a folder named “Locker” will be created in the same place, where you run the batch file. Place the all the files and folders, which needs be locked and kept private.
  6. Again open the batch file. Command prompt will open asking confirmation to lock. Type Y and press ENTER button. Thats it. Now the Locker folder would be locked and vanished.
  7. If you need to retrieve the folder back, just open the batch file. Then enter your password (which you replaced in the 2ndline) and press ENTER button. Now you can see the folder in the same place.

Tips & Warnings

  • Batch file could be notice by anyone, so rename it as like unwanted file.
  • Make the batch file hidden. So that no one can open that. When you need to unlock, then make the file unhidden and run it.
  • Code should be saved as “bat” extension else it wont execute. Also make sure that there is no typo (typing mistake) in the code.
  • This works only in windows operating system.

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