Software Testing Guide for Beginners to Advanced

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Software Testing Guide

Software testing is nothing but testing an application in various ways with different scenarios depending upon the client requirements. Software testing includes unit testing, manual testing, automation testing, performance testing, security testing, etc. This Software Testing Guide is a combination of the best strategies which I learnt and adapted in my software testing life.

Be Planned & Pre-Planned

Planning is must in our professional life. It helps to avoid many future problems and to travel in a calm sea.

  • Planning in testing life involves
  • Planned requirement gathering and study
  • Planned test case creation
  • Planned execution
  • Planned defect reporting
  • Planned people efforts

Not only these you should be planned/pre planned in each of your activities. More than that you should execute your plan as much as possible.

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Proper Communication

Communication gap can be a huge barrier in making success in one’s professional life. You should know to communicate properly with people like Developers, Project Manager, Test Lead etc. Below are some valuable points to keep in mind,

  • Get to know the status of the current/upcoming project from TL/PM.
  • Update them your activities regularly(This should be done in proper interval. You should not irritate them with your frequent updates.)
  • Discuss your professional problems alone with your TL/PM.
  • Don’t complain to TL/PM about any your colleagues.
  • When you interact with a developer, keep in mind they are not coding robots, they are also a human like us who will already be more frustrated with their work. Hence whenever talking to them consider talking to your colleague.Explain them politely about your bug.
  • Do not ever indulge in abusing others for a long time. Funny kidding is allowed only if the other person takes it easy.

Know POC for Each Activity

Whenever you are assigned with new project, get to know the POC for each activity one by one. Do not try much (keep asking people) to know all POC’s at first day itself.

Tips: Note down the POC’s contact details as much as possible. Even you can ask them their personal contact number politely. If they are not ready to give, you should leave.

Record the ScreenShots

Screenshots are our biggest property. Keeping proper track of screenshots for all the flows/pages of application and defects is a must. You can maintain screenshots either date wise or device/browser wise whichever will be convenient.

Tips: On transferring screenshots from mobile device to your work desktop, wipe out all screenshots from the mobile device. This will help in maintaining space in your mobile device.

Also if you are desktop tester, apart from prtsc key, you have many other tools available online to take your screenshots.

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Log the Bugs in Detail

It is a tester’s responsibility to log a bug with complete details. Also it will save time for both testers and developers. All we should do is log a bug with all below details,

  • Its summary (make it crisp)
  • Steps to reproduce (make it very clear)
  • Actual and expected results
  • Screenshots/videos
  • Fill all other mandatory/required details

Regular Mail Checkup

Checking our professional inbox is a must not only for testers, for any IT professionals. This will help to take prompt actions on any items and also to stay updated.

Also ‘archiving’ our mail items regularly is a must. I’ll share here the steps to archive in outlook mail box. If you are not using outlook, google and get to know how to archive mails in your mail box.

Steps to archive in outlook

  • Sign in to your outlook mail box.
  • Right click on “Archive”
  • Select “Create new subfolder”
  • Name your subfolder appropriately(you can maintain one folder per testing project/sprint)
  • Click on inbox
  • Select mail(s) and right-click and select “Move to a different folder”.
  • Under Archive, select the new folder
  • Selected mail(s) will be moved to the archive

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Reporting to Lead

Reporting to your lead about your current and upcoming tasks is very important. This helps you to be on safer side and as well the lead to get to know what you are doing everyday. This will help to score in appraisals also.

Be sure of your views, but don’t argue much

Arguing is not a professional quality. Obviously you can express your view to people but when they do not accept, never indulge in any argument.
Keep in mind Discussion is always better than argument. Because, argument is to find out who is right and discussion is to find out what is right.

“Be Professional; Act professional”

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