How to Keep Private Parts Clean and Hygiene

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Keeping your body clean and hygienic helps you to maintain your health and physique. Especially, people won’t have much knowledge of their private places and their sanitation. Many still think that it’s taboo to speak on those topics. But really the knowledge in those areas is also much needed to maintain your health. Good health always gives happiness and prosperity in life. Here we will see how to keep some private parts of your body,


This comes under the female private part which is very soft and is very sensitive. It is also connected to the uterus which carries the baby in the womb. It is involved with intercourse, Pregnancy, childbirth for women, and menstruation. Hence it requires a lot of attention and care to keep it clean and hygienic.

First of all, if your vulva is free from chronic discharge, bad odor, itchiness, or other infection symptoms then it can be taken as healthy for now. The below tips will help in taking good care of your vulva.

  • As it’s very sensible, be sure of the hygiene products you use in that area. It’s advisable to use pH-balanced soap or liquid to clean the area
  • Avoid unprotected sex and follow through wash after every intercourse
  • Keep hydrating yourself and never hold your pee especially when the situation is normal
  • Take good care of your vulva when you are on periods, keep changing sanitary pads in a healthy intervals or when you feel less comfortable whichever is minimal

Your vulva is an internally self-cleaning organ and surprisingly it has good bacteria by nature that promotes its cleanliness. Hence all that we need to do is just support its health externally by following the above tips

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This is common to both genders but a less cared body part. Though we have many deodorants and perfumes to use they only reduce the odor around the armpit but couldn’t support its hygiene.

Below are some points to remember in caring for your armpits,

  • Shaving your armpits at regular intervals is advisable as it will reduce the odor and infections out there
  • Use quality perfumes and deodorants only while stepping out. High usage of these products may again cause irritation at the armpit area
  • Always give preference to cotton dress that is flexible for you
  • Good food habits, environment, and medication also prevent armpit odor

Unlike the vulva, the armpit is not a self-cleaning organ. Hence good care at regular intervals is required. Otherwise, bacteria that cause consistent body odor may lead to poor hygiene.

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Many women think that the breast doesn’t need any additional care in their daily body care routine. But it also requires equal attention. Self-examination of your breast and areas around are much needed to detect breast cancer.

Few tips to remember on maintaining your hygiene on the breast that supports baby feeding and sexual attraction.

  • The first step in taking care of your breast is using perfect bras that comforts you
  • To increase blood circulation in your body, especially in the breast area, try self-massage and some basic hand exercise
  • Maintain a healthy diet and include as many veggies as possible in your diet

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This male genital part should be given more care. Its care tips include,

  • Frequent washing of the area after urinating or sexual intercourse. While cleaning pull back if you have foreskin and clean thoroughly.
  • Stay hydrated and eat a balanced diet
  • A brisk walk every day and maintain good health
  • Use protection while having sex with your partner or anyone

The above private places are always overlooked in taking care of their health and to discuss on them. But this will increase its complication and unhealthiness. Hence always remember prevention is better than cure and apply the same to taking care of your intimate areas.

Hope this article was useful to care of your private body parts. If you have more thoughts or discussions on this topic, please let us know in the comments.

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