How to Keep Private Parts Clean and Hygiene

Keeping your body clean and hygienic helps you to maintain your health and physique. Especially, people won't have much knowledge of their private places and their sanitation. Many still think that it's taboo to speak on those topics. But really [...]

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How to Professionally Deal with your Bad Boss

Managers are not difficult to deal with, but bad managers are. When it comes to work-life you may face different managers who may have come different backgrounds and different working styles and leadership qualities. Some may have better leadership experience [...]

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Simple tips to Utilize your Time in Lockdown

Designed by Freepik Make more focus. Improve your self-time. In a lockdown when you have too much time and no focus, you will find just too many options to kill time. It all depends whether you utilise the [...]

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IRCTC waiting lists and chances of ticket confirmation

IRCTC WL (IRCTC Waiting Lists) status denotes that your reservation is not yet confirmed and do not have a confirmed seat for travel. In case someone cancels the ticket, the ticket moves to the front in the waiting list queue. [...]

By |2023-01-07T22:13:06+05:30August 9th, 2013|Lifestyle|
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