How to Increase the Torrent Download Speed

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A torrent is a small file which is used to download files from the internet. BitTorrent or uTorrent are the freeware clients used to download torrents. Torrent download speed is little less than the normal downloading speed because files linked to torrents are available in shared network. But there is some tricks to speed up the torrents.


1 Open BitTorrent or uTorrent program (Download it from or respectively and install it, if you don’t have already).

2 If you start downloading torrents, you may find the list of torrents and its properties. Right click the torrent and Select “Bandwidth Allocation” and click “High”. By this more bandwidth would be allocated to that torrent, so the torrent would be downloaded in maximum speed.

3 Search Google for boosters to download uTorrent Turbo Booster and BitTorrent booster to increase the torrent download speed.

4 Add uTorrent or BitTorrent program in the exception tab of Windows firewall to increase the download speed. Go to START?Control Panel and open “Windows Firewall”. In the “Exceptions” tab, click the check mark next to the torrent program, if its unchecked. Otherwise leave it as it is and click OK.

5 If you couldnt find the torrent program listed in the “Exceptions” tab, then click “Add Programs” and browse the torrent program installed and click OK. Then repeat the step 5.

Tips & Warnings

  • Download torrents which have many numbers of seeders.
  • Read this to know more about torrent: Download Torrents.

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