Best operating system for your child

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Nowadays, Computer is used as a common device for children to adults in a family. Adults know how to use the computer safely. But children don’t know and they exceed the limits and do anything as they like. So, we may face some problem in the computer. Regarding this issue, a survey is taken. They report that, instead of windows Linux must be installed for children computers.

The reasons are given below:

  1. VIRUS AND MALWARE: Small children will always tries to open an unwanted websites, and tries to install unwanted and potentially dangerous software. You can think that you have installed an antivirus in your system. Even though you have a great antivirus and a firewall in your system, some viruses and malware will come inside into your computer. Antivirus cannot able to detect all the viruses. Because there are more than 3 thousand virus introduced per day. To overcome this problem, you must use Linux operating system. Because Linux will not allow virus inside and Virus cannot do anything in Linux.
  2. SAFETY: Password problems can be avoided in Linux operating system. Children can be use the computer without any passwords. In windows, using passwords they can change anything in the computer and it will spoil the system.
  3. Costs: If you are using windows, you should spend some money to keep it safe and to upgrade it into new version. Otherwise, you must face some problems. But in Linux, you should not want to spend a penny. Because Linux operating system is free. You can also upgrade it for free. You should not need to buy any antivirus software. Video player, audio player, PDF reader, word reader are built-in software in Linux.
  4. SELF STUDY: Linux is created as an open source operating system. So, children can study the computer functions themselves. This helps to increase their skills in Linux. Therefore Linux is the good operating system for your children to keep them in a safe computer environment. You can also read more about Linux here Linux is Best than Windows.

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