How to Prevent Google AdSense Ban

Published On: January 18th, 2012|Last Updated: January 7th, 2023|Categories: WordPress|Total Views: 1441|Daily Views: 1|
Google AdSense are very strict in their rules. These rules are used to help the advertisers from fraud clicks. Getting a Google AdSense account is really difficult, but the Google AdSense team easily disabled you when you violate the Google AdSense terms and conditions. Google AdSense reward their staffs, if they cancel any AdSense account, when you get $99.Because the minimum payout is $100. The following instructions are used to prevent your Google AdSense account disabled.


  1. Google AdSense does not allow their user to click their own ads. AdSense finds the IP address of every click, so if you click your own ads, they disable your account immediately. If you try to change your IP address and click your ads, but also Google will find you. Because every computer has a static IP address and it cannot be changed. Also don’t ask your friends and relatives to click your ads. This will also violates the Google terms of use.
  2. Google AdSense gives a unique ad format for all his users to place in their website or blog. Many web designers trying to change the ad design and placing the ads in prohibited area. Don’t impress and compel your website visitors to click the ads.
  3. Google AdSense also disable the account, if user tried to create multiple accounts. Don’t place ads below the title of your articles. Write unique articles in your website, don’t copy from other websites.
  4. The only thing to do is read all the Google AdSense terms and policies. And also don’t violate the Google terms of use. Click here to read Google AdSense Program policies.

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