How to Protect yourself from Cell Phone Radiation

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Usages of Cell phones have increased in our modern world. Cell phones have many advantages as well as many disadvantages. People who often and constantly use cell phones may cause brain cancer because of RF signals. RF (radio frequency) signal will enter into their body when they keep cell phone close to the body while using it. Follow the below precautions to protect yourself from cell phone radiation.

Protect yourself from Cell Phone Radiation


1 Always try to use land-line phone for long communications. Even don’t use cordless phones as they emit radiations which have health impacts.

2 Reduce the time of speaking in the phone. Even three-minute use might impact your brain activity for an hour. Mostly don’t keep the mobile near to your body.

3 Try to use hands-free or wireless headset to make distance from your body and cell phone. Also use speaker phone option to talk which is used to speak and listen away from your phone.

4 Even texting should also be reduced as it emits signals. So keep the mobile away even while texting. Continuous texting even affects your eyes.

5 Once you dialled don’t keep your mobile near to ear because during connection time, it emits more radiation. So make sure the connection established by seeing the phone display and then keep your phone near to ear.

6 While walking and driving, don’t use cell phones as it emits more radiations to keep track of you.

7 Cell phone emits radiation even its not used. So switch off your mobile if not needed. Keep cell phones in bag instead of pocket. Men usually keep cell phones on pockets next to groin, which reduces the sperm count.

8 Don’t allow children to use cell phones. Since child brains skulls are thinner and brains are not developed completely, brain will easily get affected by radiation.

9 Use products available in markets to protect yourself from cell phone radiation. For example, a product looks like chip or button, which reduces RF signals and radiation while using cell phones.

10 Purchase cell phone which emits less radiation. Find the rate of RF signals by checking Specific Absorption Rate (SAR) for your phone here. Always buy a simple phone which emits less radiation than grand phones.

Tips & Warnings

  • Avoid living near cell phone towers.
  • Avoid using cell phones during pregnancy as the radiation affects the child as well.
  • Don’t use cell phone when there is less network coverage. Then it would use more radiation to make connection proper.
  • Avoid using mobile phones when you have covered with metals like when you using in-car as it reflects to all the humans.
  • Use wireless headset. Don’t use wired headset as it impact ear problems.


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