How to Track a Cell Phone and Show the Exact Location

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To recover a lost or stolen device, the technique of tracking course handy. It helps one to find the current location during travel. It also helps to keep track of loved ones. Tracking was done with the help of Global positioning satellite or GPS chip. This chip was installed in newer version of phone and can be installed in older models too. GPS offers a lot of services for tracking.

Steps to be followed for this moderately challenging task:

For this initially one requires a cell phone installed with GPS, a GPS enables cell service provider and a computer with internet access.

  1. Get the cell phone fixed with GPS chip. Most new phones have it already installed. For older phones chips can be bought at cell phone stores if the phone accepts one.
  2. Verify with the cell phone service company if network has GPS capability. Most of largest services as Verizon, AT and T provide the service.
  3. Find the location-based service which has ties with the cell phone service provider.
  4. Log on to the location-based service provider’s address. Follow the steps provided to download the software and subscribe the same connect the phone to be tracked using phone cable. Then using the provided instructions load GPS tracking software from computer into cell phone and activate the same, if required, using the phones menu.
  5. Give the phone to user and log on to the location-based service providers tracking website. Based on the service, phones location on a Google or Map Quest grid. Few services also give few other services as at what speed the phone is travelling, the altitude and so on.

Tips & warning:

  • For the tracking device to work, the cell phone must be turned on.
  • If you want the owner not to know of being tracked, then delete the text which was sent after downloading the location-based service provider which states that it was being subjected to GPS tracking.
  • GPS tracking requires extra battery power.

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