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Google Public DNS vs OpenDNS vs ISP’s DNS

What is DNS? DNS (Domain Name System) is an internet protocol which translates domain name into corresponding IP addresses. Domain name system has distributed database to store domain name, IP address and many entities for that domain name. For example: if we type in the browser’s address bar and press enter. DNS resolver which [...]

2019-08-04T20:38:47+05:30March 8th, 2015|Reviews, Top 5 Best|1 Comment

Facebook Pros and Cons

Facebook, launched in February 2004 is the most popular social networking website with an active user strength of 1 billion. In spite of the varied reactions that Facebook has drawn, there is no denying the fact that Facebook has reached unprecedented heights. It goes without saying that Facebook, unlike many other social networking sites, is [...]

2017-05-27T02:04:05+05:30November 20th, 2013|Reviews, WordPress|0 Comments

Windows 8 Advantages and Disadvantages

Windows 8 is finally here after 3 full years of development. This Microsoft’s latest creation is a bit of mixed bag! Earlier, upgrade to latest version from the version you have been pretty easy. But not so in case of windows 8. Before making a decision on whether to upgrade to this OS version, let’s [...]

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