How to Save a Wet Cell Phone

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Have your cell phone got wet by dropped into water or swimming with cell phone in pocket or dipped clothes without noticing cell phone in dress. Most of us think that the phone will never ever turn ON and they decide to throw it away without second thinking and not considering the cost of the cell phone. I tested using my own old cell phone and found a technique to save a wet cell phone. In this article, I suggest ten step rescue method to give the cell phone a new life after it is wet.

Instruction to Save a Wet Cell Phone

1 Take out the phone from water. Within a few seconds (about 20 seconds), take out the cell phone from the water, otherwise water will enter into your phone after this time. Also please don’t switch ON the phone; this definitely leads to damage of the cell phone circuits.

2 Don’t Panic, If your phone is in water for a long time, make a decision before at-least you try the following steps to save a wet cell phone.

3 Remove the battery. This is very important thing to save a wet cell phone, because water and battery power should not mix. It may avoid the damage of circuits by shorting. If don’t have idea to remove, please read the cell phone manual and remove the battery as soon as possible.

4 Remove the SIM card. SIM card quickly damaged with water. So remove the SIM card as it has important messages and contact information. So as like phone, the SIM card is also something very important to protect.

5 Remove all removable parts and cover. Remove all accessories like pouch, protection cover, screen guard, etc,. to open many gaps.

6 Make it dry. Take a cloth or a paper napkin and wipe all the water that we can remove by hand to save a wet cell phone. Don’t leave a single drop of water as it damages your cell phone. Don’t move or shake your phone as water may surround all the parts inside the phone.

7 Suck or Blow the air. Using a vacuum cleaner or a unit of compressed air to suck in or blow out all amount of water in the phone. Be careful that the pressure is well maintained. Don’t use vacuum cleaner very near to the phone. Don’t use hair dryer to wet the phone as it provides more heat and it also damage the phone.

8 Place it in Rice. Put the cell phone in a container or a sack of uncooked rice over a night. Rice will absorb the remaining water content.

9 Keep the phone on a towel. Take the phone from the rice after a night and keep the phone on a towel. Its acts like an absorbing material which removes the remaining moisture.

10 Phone check-up. Wait least for 24 hours and make sure phone dried completely. Once done, insert the battery and switch on your phone. If it is not working, then change the battery and try again.

Tips & Warnings to Save a Wet Cell Phone

  • Always regulate heat and flow of Vacuum cleaner and compressed air. This could damage the phone.
  • In case of salt water enter into your phone; wash it with fresh water to remove salt content.
  • Keep the phone in a vacuum room for half an hour where it maintained at room temperature.
  • If the warranty period is over, disassemble the cell phone and apply circuit cleaners like CRC.
  • Don’t leave phone wet for long time.
  • Never switch ON until it gets dry completely.
  • Don’t try to heat the battery, it will explode.
  • Have some control heat applied to phone otherwise it may burn.
  • Don’t put in oven to save a wet cell phone.
  • Take quick action in removing phone from water and removing the battery.

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