Bluetooth is a popular software used to connect two devices for synchronizing. Bluetooth connects only within shorter distance that helps in synchronizing devices and enables to connect to any tools and devices. Apples iPhone has built-in Bluetooth program so you have to setup Bluetooth on an iPhone and use any wireless devices to connect.

Easy steps to setup Bluetooth on an iPhone:

  • Take iPhone, Select “Settings” on the home screen. In turn got “General” and select “Bluetooth” option and tap it ON.

  • Turn on the device to be connected to iPhone and make sure it is within 30feets of your mobile so your iPhone will recognize it.

  • When the device was recognized, select the device name and tap “Pair”.

  • Enter the four digit passkey (as specified in the user’s manual) on the device to be connected.

  • Tap “Connect” on the iPhone. Then iPhone will connect the device via Bluetooth and you are ready to use the device.

Tips & Warnings

  • Bluetooth consumes a lot of battery power of your iPhone. In order to save the battery life, turn Bluetooth off when it is not required.
  • Disconnect Bluetooth by turn offing it: Settings-> General-> Bluetooth=> Off.
  • Once you setup Bluetooth on an iPhone. A Bluetooth icon will appear at the top of your iPhone, to show successful pairing with device.