How to Sync an iPod without Deleting the Music

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You have a risk of losing all your music, if your computer gets crashed or you have purchased a new system. If your computer knows that, music on iPod needs to be transferred to your system, then you can sync an iPod without deleting the music.


  1. Open iTunes software which was installed on your computer.

  2. Use the USB cable to plugin iPod into your system and make sure iPod get connected to the computer.

  3. Select iPod icon on the left pane of iTunes application. Incase you get an error message to reformat your iPod, then your iPod was formatted for mac computing and will not work for windows. You still can transfer music but would need third-party application.

  4. At the bottom of iTunes application, you can find “Options” and select “Enable disk use” option.

  5. Using start-> control panel-> appearance and personalization. Select folder options and then view tab under advanced settings, choose “show hidden files folders and drives” and click “OK” to display all the hidden files and folders.

  6. Goto “My Computer” and open “iPod drive”. Select “iPod_Controls” and then Music folder. Select all the folder (Shift + A) and drag them to music folder on your system. This transfer process might take some time depending upon the size of files.

  7. Locate iPod folders, right-click and click “Properties” and deselect the “hide the files and folders”.

  8. In iTunes, start sync an iPod. It removes old music titles and import new files into your system.

Tips & Warnings

1. This steps does not work with iPod touch.

2. Using “Transfer Purchases”, you can transfer all the items from IOS device to system except items ripped from CD collections.

Required Things to Sync an iPod without Deleting the Music

  • iPod
  • Computer
  • USB Cable


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