10 Most Common Causes of Male Infertility

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In this generation, we can see 75% of couples are standing in front of infertility hospitals and they are spending a lot of money to get a baby. Doctors at Colombia University have done research and found that infertility has been raised due to the changes in our lifestyle. Earlier people use to blame only women for infertility. But a recent study shows that 40% of infertility has been because of men. Hence we are going to discuss the causes of male infertility. Male infertility usually occurs due to abnormal sperm discharge and the 4 major diseases listed below:

  • A hypothalamic or pituitary disorder (3-4%)
  • Gonad disorder (40-50%)
  • Sperm transport disorder (20-40%)
  • Unknown causes (50-60%)

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Causes of Male Infertility

1. Poor Diet

When the diet is not nutrient, chemical loaded foods, vitamin C deficiencies and even includes more caffeine intake. Chemical foods eventually decrease the production of healthy sperm. Due to poor diet body cells do not function properly.

2. Use of Alcohol, tobacco, and other drugs

Alcohol, tobacco, and other drugs which are chemical-loaded habits are harmful to the body and reduce healthy sperm production. An anabolic steroids drug which are testosterone injections frequently consumed by bodybuilders and athlete performers can cause the testicles to sperm production to decrease and shrink.

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3. Stress

In a moderate lifestyle, we lead a stressful and busy life. The hormones are needed to produce sperm, thus causing a lowering concentration of sperm. Infertility itself can sometimes become an additional stress.

4. Overweight/underweight

As changes in your body weight impair ovulation, it affects the production of eggs on a regular basis. Hence maintaining body weight can enhance fertility. To maintain body weight diet and regular exercise are a must.

5. Exposure to chemicals

In modern days it is quite common to get exposed to chemicals such as harmful pesticides, and insecticides. This strong chemical can harm female hormones, as female hormones are very sensitive and affect the male body and affects sperm production, and lead to testicular cancer.

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6. Tight testicles

Men who wear tight pants and underwear on a regular basis will lead to heat testicles and which will reduce the count of sperm. if you switch to loose pants or boxers, it takes the usual 11 to 12 weeks for testicles to produce healthy sperm.

7. Being too thin

The study says people who are very thin in body structure will face less quality of sperm. Because of low BMI production in the body sperm count will reduce. Hence intake of healthy fat can give necessary nutrition to the body and help to produce the count of sperm.

8. Chemical drug

Few but not all Chemotherapy drugs can reduce the count of sperm. The use of high doses of the drug increases the chances of permanent reduction of eggs. Hence discuss with the doctor about the options for chemotherapy.

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9. Intake of Steroids

Regular usage of anabolic steroids can lower the count of sperm. It can disrupt the functionality of hormones which will help to produce sperm. This effect can be temporary but to get back the healthy sperm count it can take 12 to 13 weeks.

10. Use of Lubricants

A lubricant is made up of silicone and oil-based substance, which will reduce friction and dryness. These chemicals can affect fertility for both men and women if they are used on a long-term basis. If lubricants are naturally produced contact a doctor and avoid the use of lubricants which is oil-based or silicone-based.


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