6 Scientific Signs Decides Babies Gender – Boy or Girl

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Conception is great news for every couple. Every couple will expect their date of getting pregnant and waiting for the little ones to enter their life. On the other hand, every couple will like to know what baby can they expect to join their life. Is it a boy or a girl? Some may wish for a boy baby while others for a girl baby. Many countries like the United States allow physicians to tell about a baby’s gender to its parents while in the womb while in some countries it’s not allowed and it’s considered an illegal activity. In the latter countries, the only way to know the gender of one’s baby is only after delivery. This especially comes into practice as the custom of killing a girl baby or fetus when it’s in the mother’s womb was followed in rural areas where there is an unerasable thought that it’s tough to grow a girl child.

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Your Man Decides Everything

Though men and women play crucial roles in the birth of their babies, deciding the baby’s gender falls in men’s hands. X and Y chromosomes in humans are well-known as sex chromosomes. In this context, males possess XY sex chromosomes, while females possess XX sex chromosomes. Here for an embryo to form female has to contribute one of her X chromosomes and a male can contribute either his X or Y chromosomes. This means a girl child inherits an X chromosome from his mother and another X chromosome from his father;. In contrast, a boy child inherits an X chromosome from his mother and another Y chromosome from his father. This decides their gender by birth. A piece of additional information here is it has been scientifically believed that many genetic health conditions/diseases for the next generation have been passed with Y chromosomes only.

Timing of sex that resulted in the conception

This is a very common fact that prevails in determining a baby’s gender. Everyone knows that woman will be most fertile on her ovulation and hence having sex a few days before or after your ovulation increases the chances of having a boy infant.

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Chosen Sex Position

Only some Positions help in deep penetration and this can contribute to the gender of the baby to an extent. Those positions specifically help the sperm to deposit close to the cervix. Cowgirl, doggy style, and Missionary positions are some of the positions where you can experience deep penetration during intercourse and it creates more pleasure for both men and women. It’s proved in many cases that deep penetration and women getting climax first during intercourse can improve the chances of having a boy baby.

Family Genetic Logic

Family logic also has an impact on deciding the gender of the next birth in any family. This seems to be complex to understand and has nothing to be done by humans other than just to get to know. The logic is explained below,

Let’s say in a family when A and B upon their relationship, B conceives and A has the only brother in his family and B has the only sister in her family. Here A’s brother has one or two boy children and B’s sister has a single or two boy children and if A’s brother has a wife who is born with his brother. In the above logic, A and B can give only to a girl baby. Even if they have two babies, it can only be girls. This factor can be 50% valid for those who have a family hierarchy with not more than two children per family. Especially, these

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Moms-to-be’s Diet Routine

It has been found in recent research that Women’s diet for a year before they conceive, has a good impact on their baby’s gender. On a further note, those women who gave importance to more cereals and potassium-rich foods delivered more baby boys than those who generally have the practice of skipping their morning meals. But this may not be applicable to all women.

Body Chemistry

Like the above factors, the body chemistry of the mother and father also plays a vital role in the baby’s gender. Here body chemistry refers to the acidic and alkaline levels (pH levels). For example, eating food rich in calcium, magnesium and acidic foods like mushrooms, broccoli, meat, soy, fish, tomatoes, grains, and milk can improve the chances of bearing a girl child. Boot intake of fruits and vegetables into diet and foods that contain potassium, like potatoes, almonds, carrots, and sprouted seeds.

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One should note that all the above-mentioned diets are not for pregnant mothers, they should be followed by mom-to-be from day 1 to get their results and they are not 100% effective but can be applied to an extent.

After all, their gender doesn’t create much difference with our babies. All we can pray for and expect for a healthy baby that can make us proud parents. They are born to cherish our lives. Let’s accept what life gives us.

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