6 Life Lessons Learned from Failed Relationship

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A failed relationship hurts you a lot. Make you cry, feel lonely but on the other side, it tends to teach you some life lessons that can’t be learned without this failure in your commitment.

1. Do not date anyone if he/she is still in contact with their Ex

Your breakup may have happened due to the interference of his/her ex in your relationship. Your boyfriend/girlfriend may be comparing your behavior or qualities with them. The problem becomes worse when they are still in contact with them. Though they say they are friends now, it can change to the next level at any time.

If your reason for the break-up is his/her ex’s intervention in your relationship, it’s time to learn to not date anyone if he/she is still in contact with their ex. Their relationship may anytime sprout again. Hence you can make sure or get a mutual commitment from them that neither of you will talk about his/her ex or compare with them for any reason or maintain any form of relationship with them before you get into a commitment.

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2. Do not get so much addicted to someone so that you cannot live without them.

Getting addicted to things or humans is the worst mistake that we all do. Some people even say that they cannot live without them. This is not good for both involved in that relationship. The dependency will create possessiveness. Possessiveness will obviously create troubles in your relationship.

If your reason for the break-up is possessiveness or the death or separation of your loved ones who don’t understand your addiction for them, better understand they are not very worth for it and never make the mistake of getting addicted to someone in your life.

3. Do not fall into a relationship to forget/get rid of the other one

Healing from a breakup should happen by self. You can take other’s advice but do not try to create a new relationship with them just because you want to get rid of the current distress. A relationship should grow up with a strong base.

If you get into a relationship just because they serve as your healer, it might not last for the long term.

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4. Do not get dragged into their personal problems

In a relationship, privacy matters always. Both of you in a relationship should think twice before diving into the personal space of the others. You can only involve in their personal only if they require your presence.

If your primary reason for separation is dragging into other’s personal problems, better try to limit your space. This should be the lesson you learn before getting started with another relationship.

5. Listen to your brain rather than your heart.

Heart always forces on your emotions. Rather, your mind has the capacity to decide on what is right and what is wrong. Hence your decision that is taken from the brain will stay longer.

Sometimes, your heart may tell you to stay with them, irrespective of the troubles you get from them. But your mind may clearly tell you that it’s time to move on and pursue what’s best for you. Therefore learn to listen to your brain rather than your heart. That may give you a long-term relationship.

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6. Maintain your dignity and self-respect

A relationship should not hurt your dignity and self-respect. Your presence should be expected and required. Your words, actions, decisions, advice, or valuable suggestions should be treated with respect and they should be adopted if they seem correct.

If your reason for the break-up is he/she spoiling your dignity or respect or otherwise not respecting your thoughts/actions, then it should be the lesson that you take from your failed relationship.

At last, a failed relationship doesn’t mean a failed life. Life has many things to do. You are not just born to be in some relationship. Try to recover fast but never forget the lessons that your failed relationship has taught you. Think Positive and Be Positive. All the best!!!

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