10 Qualities in Men that Women Find Attractive

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We all know that opposite attracts. In general men give importance to beauty where as women give importance to social prestige and financial security. What women looks in men will go on like a grocery list. We have listed the top 10 qualities which women find attractive in men at first go.

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1. Physical Appearance

Yes, physical appearance is the first thing which women notice in men. Height and weight are attracted to women in first, little less or more in it makes less attractive. Having a good physic is plus point, hence go for gym regularly. It is not mandate to have 6 packs or build huge muscle.

2. Gesture and posture

Having physic is not enough, gesture and posture also matter. Women look for guy who is well dress. Her attraction immediately goes down when she find stinky socks and unhygienic. Your nails, hairs, grooming should be maintained very well.

3. Smile

After finishing the first level of scanning, she will inspect your smile. Your potential to smile, especially at the first meet, it deliver a message that you are friendly in nature and not hostile. Remember your smile should reflect cleaned teeth.

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4. Wittiness (sense of Humor)

Women’s are very much attracted to the person who has capable of wittiness (sense of humor). If you can make women to laugh then its plus point for you. Making continuously others down and teasing others are really do not look fun for women. Women really do not like if you are sad and serious all the time, so slime and be active to attract her.

5. Smartness

Women are equal to men all the ways. However she feels happy if you are smarter than her and start to feel proud about you. Try to get connected with social network to gain good knowledge.

6. Kind-Heart

When women are attracted from all the above points even it’s important for her to know that you are kind enough or not. Show some caring, kindness and respect towards women. They do not like if women has been teased or treated badly. Even if you have all the above qualities you will lose all the attraction if you do not respect them.

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7. Freedom

Give freedom for women to choose in what they are really interested in.. do not think that they will leave you if you give them freedom instead they will start respect you even more. Once women are committed they will stick to it until and unless it is really important to move out.

8. Loyalty

It has become very easy to cheat on girlfriend and spouse. Women enter in to a relationship with an intention of long relationship they want their partner also in the same commitment. From the starting you should prove them that you are truly committee. Do not go with flirting text with other girl, it will make her also to start doing. Men usually do not have any concern in commitment but problem with them is to maintain it. Women look for a man who can stay true in relationship.

9. Be Romantic

Be romantic and show how much special she is in your life. Wrinkling to her in public places, holding her hands whenever you are walking together, making her to feel protective. Impress her by giving Red roses, chocolates, dolls etc…

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10. Achiever

Every women feel and look a men who is achieving success; it could be small or big does not matter. She expects some improvement in life. Women hates losers, if you have financial dependency try to manage by your own.

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