10 Things You Should NOT do on your First Date

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After the crush it’s time now to move for one step ahead that is going on a date. Whenever we get an offer for date we get panic and start thinking too much on what to wear, what to talk, where to meet, what to do and the question goes on.. Guys just relax, first step is to select good place to go on for dating and what dress suits you most. Just before thinking of dating discuss with your partner their food choice and follow just below 10 steps on your first date to be successful.

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1. Clean Teeth

It is always smile which attracts first. hence it is really important to smile with clean teeth. Do not eat garlic, do not smoke or drink which may spoil your good smile. It create negative impression on you. Before going on date, meet dentist and have clean smile. Remember do not smoke while on your date and even before going to date.

2. Choose the Right Place

Choosing the right place is always in confusion. You have to plan your day properly. Dating is to know about each other and to become close, hence do not choose for movies or any other entertainment place where you have to concentrate on other thing rather than talking with each other. Choose peaceful place like not much crowded restaurant, a beach walk, shopping, Candle light dinner.

3. Keep Your Mobile away

Dating is all about communication, if your concentrate goes on mobile for a while also impression will decrease. So avoid using your mobile and do not use it until, it is really necessary to use. You got a chance to speak, so speak with eye contact and avoid all those things which makes you feel, it is disturbing your privacy.

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4. Do not talk about your past

Remember it is your first date, so do not disclose about your past on the same day itself. You have 2nd and 3rd date to discuss and share your past. Do not be hurry in relationship and disclose everything to show honest until and unless it is really important to tel. example you should tell that you have kids if you have.

5. Do not take any one with you on your first date

It is your first date and you are going to lead your life and you alone have to take decision. When it comes to first date do not take your friend even if they are too close, kids or any one whomever you trust most. You should go alone to enjoy the time and to have healthy communication. As I said earlier do not do anything which distracts your concentration from your partner.

6. Be Punctual

Do not be late on your first date. There is a saying in English “First impression is the best impression.” When you decide the date and place, plan your day and time so that you can be on time on your first date. If you are late it will make you feel guilty and time will run without having proper communication and whatever you might have planned on your first date to discuss every thing will go on toss. So be on time or it is always suggest to be there on the place before 10 minute prior to the decided time.

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7. Do not change the plan

We all have bad habit and we tend to change the plan often. When it comes to your first date think twice before fixing the place and date. Once you decided and shared the place and time to your partner, do not change the plan even if you get better idea of place in the last moment. Often changing plan will lead to miscommunication and most of the time plan will fail.

8. Leave Shyness

Do not be shy, try to open up. As your date is agreed looking at something special in you. So be confident and try to enjoy your time completely.

9. Do not question much

We humans always do mistake of asking more question on first meet to show the interest on get to know them, without thinking that whether the person is comfortable with that or not. Do not question much on past or on situation where date is feeling uncomfortable to share. As I said earlier date is all about communication, rather than you questioning it should come from your partner. Allow them to speak, make them to open up and to feel comfortable to talk to you.

10. Do not talk about sex

On your first date never ever discuss about your marriage plans, having kids or about sex. Do not express your feeling how do you want on your bed or how do you feel about it. Talking about sex on your first date will always make opposite to think that you are only interest on sex. Which will make them to decide to not think of second date.

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These above tips may looks simple but if you avoid these basic steps your first date will be one of memorable date ever.

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