10 Things Women Wants in Bed on Wedding Night

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Women usually will be scared of marriage and especially about the first night. Marriage is one of the biggest changes in her life, till she gets married she will be living in the world of imagination and dreams. Wedding night will be most uncomfortable and unknown about the situation for girls. Below are the 10 things women wants in bed from their partner. Make sure you follow all these to get your girl on.

She knew only her husband and she will be unknown to any other member of your family. So give her time to get adjusted to the new world which is completely new to her. Though she knows her husband’s family she never lived and being a daughter-in-law is no easy task. Below is the few important things that girls usually expect on their first night.

1. Give her the comfort to be open up.

Do not expect her to co-operate in the main game with you the very first night. Even though you know well each other she needs to give comfort so that she will feel comfortable to engage in-game with you later.

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2. Be Romantic

Women have less interest in intercourse when compare to men. Girls are more interested in Romantic, hence try to be romantic before you approach her for the next step. Give her some gifts and some surprises when she will feel more love for you and get more respect for you. Playing some instrumental music, giving her red roses, and with some candles make the place more romantic.

3. Freedom

This is the first day of her life after marriage, so little tiredness, dull and thinking about her family is all there. So do not approach or force her to go physical relation on the very first day. Girls like to lay down on their husband’s chest, they feel very comfortable, warm, and very secure. Try to give her that freedom to lay on your chest when feeling lonely.

4. Knowledge

Especially in a country like India, women will be hidden from the knowledge of romance and physical relationship education and old-aged people will expect them to have kids as soon as they married. Women can be comfortable only if you give her knowledge, they will be completely blind about it. They really do not know what makes you feel good. They just may accept whatever happens whatever you guide, but they will really start enjoying once you give the knowledge.

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5. Discuss her likes

This is very important to be her best friend to know or discuss with your bride that what she really likes in the main game. Even a very open-minded girl or dare girl will not tell on her own when it comes to the game. It’s only you who can make her express and do nothing wrong in expressing with her husband. You will also feel and get to know her taste. This will make you both comfortable with each other and the bonding will go for long-lasting.

6. Foreplay

Do not directly jump into the main game without foreplay. Play will make them go for the next step. If you directly approach and do on any day, you will be a bad boy in their eyes which they will really stop and lose interest in you. Discuss with them and check what they liked and start impressing her by loving her.

7. Pain

When especially feel pain stop immediately and make her feel comfortable for some time. Allow her only to come back to you. This will be the scariest part for girls, they will be really worried and they feel really very painful. They may push you and may hit you when they are in pain but have some patience to console her and give all the love to make her feel a very thing is fine.

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8. Give Compliment

A bride with that beautiful dress and is not she looking like an angel? Give her compliment for what she has and what you feel good about her, that makes her feel proud of what she has. This will definitely make her get comfortable with you. She is your angle treat her in the same way.

9. Crack jokes

On the first night after marriage bride will be in confusion, your little sense of humor will definitely make her feel comfortable and it will make her open up. Based on your communication with her she will show her interest in you. If she comes on her own it will make your day.

10. Be patience

“It is not really time to be selfish” this is a note for all the men. Yes if she is not cooperative in the initial days. You have to really be patient with her. She will be filled with shyness and comfortless. So your target should not be for one day and do not be harsh to her for these things any time.


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