Some people gets pregnant easily and quickly, but for others , getting pregnant was elusive and frustrating. Women conceive only in 6 days in a monthly cycle. Many factors affect fertility and conception. More people was not get pregnant, even after 2 years of marriage. So I written this article for those who want to get pregnant.


  1. Don’t use any birth control methods, because some birth control methods may have power to control births very longer time, so woman’s body may take a much period to get pregnant. For example, there is an injectable contraceptive called Depo-Provera, which control births until 9 to 10 months.
  2. Maintain a healthy body, Keep your weight under control, try to loss your weight .Eat only healthy and good foods like fruits and vegetables. Stress is an important factor, which affects pregnancy, so keep stress under control.
    • It is important to maintain balanced diet for both partners. Taking toxic contents and eating pesticides also delay your pregnancy.
    • Consult your doctor, before using birth control methods. Because some woman’s body may affect by using birth control methods.
    • Your partner must stop smoking, because chain-smoking may affect sperm count and sperm health. This also cause pregnancy delay.
    • Have a deep sleep without any stress and pain. Sleep deprivation cause much stress and restless in your body.
    • Quit caffeine, because consuming more than 200 mg of caffeine affect getting pregnancy. So try to reduce or stop caffeine as you can.
  3. If ovulation is not predicted, try intercourse at least 2 to 3 times per week.
  4. Take pregnancy test by waiting 28 days from the day you supposed to get period. Then consult your doctor and take blood test to confirm.


  • If your earlier baby get conceived quickly, don’t think it will happen all the time. Because likelihood of conception will get decreased as woman gets old.
  • Avoid scented tampons and Vaginal spray, because it’s not good for consumption.
  • Don’t use Artificial lubricants,glycerin and vegetable oils, because it has chance to kill sperms.
  • Wash away cervical mucus from vagina which is much important to transfer the sperms.
  • Don’t believe myths like cough medicines will increase chances of getting pregnant.
  • Avoid hot baths, which decreases sperm count.
  • Don’t stop intercourse, of thinking sperm count reduced. Often intercourse may have chance to get pregnant.
  • Increase the chance of sperm to reach egg, by keeping pillow in woman’s hip and leave the rest in bed for at least half hour after intercourse. This position is called “missionary position”.


  • Confirm that both couples have no disease and infection, before quitting birth control of barrier methods.
  • Don’t follow schedule too hard to get pregnant quickly, because this may give stress and physical pain. make intercourse very fun and happy.
  • Consult doctor before doing any risky steps or unknown methods to get pregnant. Many couples have different body , so consulting doctor is very important then consulting with anybody.