We been hearing and suffering from an women fertility, but after all of research and consulting I am writing this article, if it is helpful for at least few women we will be glad.

We have been noticed that few of our routine practices can affects your health, hence let’s start with simple and daily our bad habits to avoid infertility. We still advice if you do not have any below practices we recommend you to visit doctor for better treatment.

First let us explore what is fertility and how does it function?

Fertility is a cycle of women menstrual. Women can produce fertile till her menstrual period. This cycle is depending upon individual to individual and body nature. Our daily practices can make lots of difference for healthy fertility.

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10 Unknown Factors that Affects Women Fertility

1. Overweight

This is one of the major diseases which women are going through in these days. Obesity is mainly causes from tension, lack of exercise, improper food intake and lack of activity. Being mentally and physically healthy is more important, have healthy food preferred cooked at home, avoid packed foods or instant food which gives you natural taste and good health. If food, sleep are in line, many chances of reducing stress.

2. Age factor

As we all know women can only produce fertility till her menstrual period, chances after certain age 40 and 50 producing fertility is very less comparatively. If you are planning for baby from age of 25 to 40 would be good to go. Few women can produce even after age of 40, it’s completely depending upon the nature of body and the maintenance of body. Once the menstrual is stopped no chances of producing egg.

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3. Use of Chemical

In moderate life style we tend to use heavy or more effective chemicals to fight against insects. Chemicals like pesticides, industrial chemicals, phthalates (mostly found in beauty products and personal care). While purchasing kindly check the percentage of chemicals used or try to use less or kitchen friendly chemicals at organic chemicals.

4. Smoking

Smoking is injurious to health, it causes cancer and we all know  but still to reduce our stress we attracted to bad habits by thinking later we can drop when the situation comes. As per the research smoking can cause 13% of infertility in women. Cigarette smoke can spoil your DNA and most important hormones. Smokers can see the difference in fertility compare to non-smokers.

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5. Drinking/boozing

Regular intake of Boozing and drinking is will reduce the capacity of producing fertility of women though there is no such evidence found that, intake of alcohol is affects fertility. Doctors suggest to be non-alcoholic during early stage of pregnancy period to avoid premature baby born.

6. Breastfeeding

It’s true that, women who already nursing one baby, less chances of fertile during the same period but it is even a myth as well. An aged women who are planning to have another baby can consult a doctor about the period of breastfeeding. It is always better to wait for a year to plan for next baby.

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7. Heavy exercise

We all want to reduce fat or obesity as soon as possible, for this we rely on quick treatments or for heavy exercise. Heavy exercise can give you toned body however at the same time it weaken the fertility too.

8. Birth control

Long term birth control medicines, injections can also causes infertility. Doctor says when we are ready for baby we can stop the medicine and as soon as you stop women can get pregnant. Hence doctor suggest to stop inject-able birth control for few month early when couple are planning for kids.

9. Thyroid disease

Thyroid disease is comes majority for women due to imbalance in hormones. This disease can volute fertility of women and pregnancy problems. If you are facing any difficulties in conceiving it is advised to go through thyroid disease once.

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10. Caffeine

Women are most loved or addicted to caffeine. a regular use of caffeine can cause trouble in conceiving. If you are not getting pregnant, it is really worth to check your daily caffeine intake and cutting down the amount of caffeine intake.

Hope the above information gave the basic knowledge of fertility. If you want to know about the any other information do write us or leave your comments below we will research and get back with your informative topics.