How to Increase Reliance Netconnect internet speed

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Reliance Netconnect+ would give the fastest internet speed till your unlimited plan gets over. But after you consumed 100% of allotted quota, you will get only 144kbps speed which is very poor and takes more than 1 minute to load a single webpage. Don’t worry, in my experience i found some tricks to increase reliance netconnect internet speed.

Basic Tricks

  1. Delete temporary internet files. Go to START — > Run– > type %temp% and then press enter. Delete all the files and folders in the opened window.
  2. Delete prefetch files from your system. Go to START -> Run-> type prefetch and press enter. Delete all the files and folders in Prefetch window.
  3. Delete cookies and browsing history. Read How to delete Browsing History
  4. While roaming always select mode as “Hybrid” in dialer settings. (Dialer->settings->mode)
  5. Check whether you have 4-5 signal bars at the top right corner. If you don’t have 4-5 signal bars, contact Reliance customer service to check coverage.
  6. Turn off windows firewall or any Antivirus firewall installed in your computer. (START-> Control Panel -> Windows Firewall-> Turn Off)
  7. Always update your antivirus and browser versions up to date to improve the usage speed.
  8. Use post windows XP service pack 2 operating system.

Advanced Tricks to increase Reliance Netconnect internet speed

  1. Download Reliance NetBooster and install into your computer. It will boost the Reliance netconnect broadband speed. After installation, uninstall and reinstall reliance data card software.
  2. Use google dns or open dns to increase the speed. Before changing the dns, please use NameBench to check which dns will serve high-speed in your area. Google DNS: and Open DNS: and

Tips & Warnings

  • Always use (shift+Delete) key to delete the temporary internet files and prefetch files permanently from your computer. Know more
  • In some areas, reliance dns might give you high-speed than Google or open dns.

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