How to Professionally Deal with your Bad Boss

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Managers are not difficult to deal with, but bad managers are. When it comes to work-life you may face different managers who may have come different backgrounds and different working styles and leadership qualities. Some may have better leadership experience and quality while others may have got into the position of luck.

Collect Proof

Most bad managers forget what they say and use harsh words when they talk one-to-one or in meetings. The best way to escalate such people when they go beyond their limits is to record everything that you could. Keep a record of all their talks and moves as much as you can. Keeping records on what you spoke to them and what words they used will help in any escalation move that you decide to make in the future.

Keep Control of Emotions

Don’t exhibit any emotions when talking to them. They may crack a joke and see how you react to it and keep a note on that and may mention the same at any other place. But this doesn’t mean you need not involve in team gatherings, it’s just don’t make any personal move with that bad manager which may become an easy weapon to accuse you in the future. Simply, maintain a formal distance.

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Try Reaching the Next Level Management

You can consider reaching the next level of management for any of your technical or organizational needs so that you can avoid frequent contact with your bad manager. This may also help your bad manager to know how unapproachable he is in his team. You can try to maintain a rapport with higher-level management if things don’t go well with the immediate manager.

Be Obedient in Work

Note down your daily instruction from your boss and when you wind off hand over the daily status. When we are responsible and honest in our work, we do not give others anyways to question us. Being obedient in your work will fetch a good name at a higher management level and this will help when you escalate on your bad manager to higher-level management to have trust in what you say. Also when you show commitment and responsibility at work, there won’t be any topic /point for the bad manager to escalate on you or revert when the management interrogates him for his behavior.

Do not interfere Between Others

It is advisable to not involve in other’s problems until it comes to you. Until they involve or request you to involve, there is no need for sorting out other’s issues. It may lead to difficulty in your life especially when you both have this bad manager in place. Everyone should know to handle their own issues.

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Keep Expectations Low

Everyone will have their own ideal manager or work organization checklist but expecting the same at all places you move cannot be possible. One must be adjustable to the place they go and the people they deal with. With this in mind, you can limit your expectation of that manager and limit what you can expect from him.

At last, Boss can be of different types but no one is very difficult to handle until you get the strategy. If it doesn’t work out with any strategy you make, you can try to get out of that position as soon as possible.

Let us know your feedback on the above tips and if they worked in your case. Feel free to share your opinions.

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