How to Lose Weight easily and quickly

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Losing weight is not an easy thing. You must work hard to do it. Calories in your body is the only thing, that increase your body weight quickly. In order to lose weight, you must burn your body calories then you consume daily. Maintaining diet, following food diary and doing regular exercise will help you to lose weight. If you are pregnant, then you must control your weight. Here are some ways to lose weight and break away from routine.


  1. Stop consuming more calories in your daily life. Consuming calories must be less than burning it.
    • Note your daily calories and maintain a food diary.
    • Diet is very important to lose weight.
    • Stop taking trans fats, sugar and saturated fats.
    • Doing Exercise like running, walking and swimming can also burn more calories
    • Increase your metabolism.
    • Eat cold foods instead of taking room temperature foods. Drink cold water on doing exercise.
  2. Use big bowl for serving, it may change your mind to eat less. Human mind is very mysterious, if it’s a small bowl, they can eat it full.
  3. Eat food very slowly, to give some time for stomach to feel and grain foods.
  4. Know that unhealthy foods are your enemies. Note down this in your food diary. Avoid eating some foods like bread, soda, alcohol and fast food.
  5. Buy healthy stuffs for your kitchen. Instead of wasting money in fast food, Buy some fruits and eat.
  6. Don’t skip your meals for controlling weight. Eat small meals of 4 to 6 times a day, it helps to increase metabolism in your body.
  7. Count your daily calories and carry your work based on that calories. Have a pledge to decrease calories daily.


  • Note that if you eat slowly, your food gets cold, so use heat retentive plates to keep it warm.
  • Don’t stop to eat fat as it contains many calories. Fat is very good for health, so keep taking little fat in the body.
  • Go to gymnasium regularly as it burn more calories than any other. If you not going to gymnasium, you can do some workouts like swimming, fast jogging, walking, swing and fencing.
  • Doing aerobics exercise will boost your metabolism temporarily.
  • Long run will also boost metabolism. Muscle also helps to burn calories, even you sleep.


  • Consult your family doctor, before doing any changes in your diet or before going to gym.
  • If your body weight is high, you may get back pain easily.
  • Don’t try lose weight very quickly. It may affect your health and may also cause some side effects.
  • Some people thinks smoking may lose weight, but it’s false. Smoking does nothing.
  • Don’t stop calories in your food, it may cause body to less mass.
  • Remember that losing weight is only to maintain body health, so don’t do any unhealthful things to lose weight quickly.

Do share your weight loss stories in comments that would help others.

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