How to Make Money for Teenagers Fast

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Making money is not an easy thing. Nobody will give money for free and without doing any work. Teenagers are working hard, but they can’t able to make money. so, I written this article for helping teenagers. Follow all steps and have money in this weekend itself.


  1. Save money without spending money for unnecessary things. You will know that “a penny saved is a penny earned”, so save even penny. This will became a huge amount in one day. Most teenagers are wasting their money for bad habits and for unwanted things, so save that money. I recommend teenagers to save their money in banks.
  2. Make a lot of money by doing small jobs like taking neighbors babysit, dogs to walk and Mow lawns. But it is hard to work. You want to spend many holidays for this. Go to some houses and ask for shovel snow. You will warn up to $20 for this work. Work for yourself, don’t need others help.
  3. Place advertisement in local newspaper for small jobs like babysitting, house cleaning, shovel snow. By this way, you can get more jobs and make a lot of money.
  4. If you have sports talent, you can make some money by playing tournament match. Find tennis club and win tournament match. This will also help you to participate in ad agencies.
  5. If you have talent in any sports or subjects, make small fee for tutoring.
  6. Invest your small money in market share and make it more easily without doing work. But be careful in investing good share, otherwise you will loss.
  7. Sell products like sweets, drinks, books, pencil, pen, etc in school outside or in school bus. This will make more than $100 per day. Even some parents also can donate for your service.
  8. Make money by doing online jobs like taking surveys, finishing tasks, clicking ads etc. Many online jobs are available in internet, you can do it in your spare time. This will make you $1500 per month.


  • If you don’t have money, then you can borrow some money from your friends.
  • Instead of buying and selling, you can make some products and sell it.
  • Use money to learn, because knowledge is power.
  • Make your dress very reasonable and cute.
  • You can search the web for more money-making ideas.


  • Dont sell anything without you have permission to sell that product.
  • Concentrate in your studies because eduction is your main goal for your future.
  • Do jobs as best as you can , so only people will come back to you.
  • Get permission for place where you want to sell.
  • Don’t do any illegal activities.

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