How to Stop Facebook Harassment

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Everyone knows about Facebook and its extraordinary features helps to stay in contact with our friends and family via online. But this is the place where harassment and bullying happens often. Most of the girls suffering by this problem and planning to close their Facebook account. Follow below ways to stop Facebook harassment.

Stop Facebook Harassment or Bullying


1 Basic safety: Don’t accept friend request from unknown persons and change preference as friends only can see your personal information. Don’t accept friends who harass you in real life. For example:- If your school or college friend bully you in real-life, then don’t add him as friend in Facebook.

2 Tell him : When you find someone is bullying you, first send a message to him to stop bullying. If he continues, then post this message on your wall, so that he will become shame before their friends.

3 Inform to your friends and family: Talk to other friends about bullying, so that they will send message and stop him. If you are so young then tell this to your parents, so that your parents will speak to respective friend’s parents to stop it.

4 Report it: If you thought they won’t stop bullying you, then you should not behave nice to him. Report him to the Facebook and ask them to block or remove him. If you are teen, then your parents can report to Facebook. If you couldn’t find any action taken from Facebook, then you can seek help from local Police station. If the case is really severe, then Police will directly involve and solve your problem.

5 Delete Facebook account: If you realize the thing goes out of your control and frustrated with Facebook, then deactivate or close your Facebook account to stop Facebook harassment permanently. Don’t worry, you can easily open a new account at anytime, but wait till Facebook blocks bullying person or his page. If you don’t want to wait, then simply create a new account with your pet name (Not real name known by bullies).

Tips & Warnings

  • Parents must not allow their children to use Facebook under age 13.
  • Teens should not hesitate to speak to their parents to stop Facebook harassment at early.
  • Make sure to note your friend’s names before deleting your Facebook account.

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