How to Deactivate a Facebook Account

Are you wanted to deactivate a Facebook account, instead of deleting Facebook account permanently? There is a difference between deleting and deactivating a Facebook account. Deactivation is just temporarily hiding your timeline from others and you can re-activate when you want. But Deletion is removing your account permanently from the Facebook. Follow the below steps to deactivate [...]

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How to Delete Facebook Account Permanently

We everyone knows Facebook is the most popular social networking site helps to connect to our friends via online. But in another side, most of the users hate it because of Facebook harassment and so on. So they just deactivate their account. Deactivation is nothing but just hiding your profile from others and it won’t [...]

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How to Save Pictures from Copy Protected Websites

Some sites won’t allow their visitors to save or download pictures for some specific purpose. Depending on your purpose, downloading protected and copyrighted images may be illegal without the proper permission of the website owner. Website owners usually block their images from copying by disabling the “Right-Click” option. But If you think it is legal, [...]

How to Stop Facebook Harassment

Everyone knows about Facebook and its extraordinary features helps to stay in contact with our friends and family via online. But this is the place where harassment and bullying happens often. Most of the girls suffering by this problem and planning to close their Facebook account. Follow below ways to stop Facebook harassment. Stop Facebook [...]

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How to Remove Smiley Face from WordPress

You could found a tiny smiley face image (g.gif) in the footer of your wordpress page. This is not any malicious symbol. Jetpack and wordpress.com stats plugin use this smiley face to track down visitors of the page. It may not like by some bloggers, so I written this article to easily remove smiley face [...]

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How to Make Money with adBrite

Google AdSense is the No.1 advertising program in the net, but not all the people get Google AdSense account for some reasons. So, I found a great alternative for AdSense called adBrite. It offers many types of ads then Google AdSense. It also offer non-English sites to take part. Its minimum payout is $10, which [...]

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