7 Parenting Mistakes That Can Affect a Child’s Adult Life

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Many times in their old age, parents will be taken for granted by their children. Also sometimes at a young age, the child will be taken for granted by their parents. Some harmless parenting mistakes will majorly affect your child in their later life. Below are they,

Discouraging by Asking Questions

Most of the parent doesn’t want their kids to ask questions over everything they see. But this is out of curiosity that kids have about the world around them. This is the way they learn how to face the world and what exists in this world. If a kid is discouraged from asking questions, they will be feeling inferior to others, and eventually, they will start obeying other’s orders without even thinking about what is right and what is wrong.

Recommended Approach:

For better parenting, kids should be allowed to ask questions about everything they see, come across in their life. Only our parents can answer them with lots of patience and love. This not only gives them the confidence to face the world but also can build up a better understanding between both of you.

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Never take with you to any Events

Many parents have this habit of not taking their kids with them to any events. They justify this by saying that they couldn’t control them at an event or that may spoil their studies if the event is on weekdays. While both the above justifications are correct, kids are not meant to learn from their school books alone. They need to learn from each and every one of the humans they meet. They should learn how to give respect to others, social behavior and how to behave and not trouble you when outside home

Recommended Approach:

Initially, when you take them for events, they may trouble you. But as per their age, teach them how to behave outside the home and what made you feel bad about their behavior at the event. Always remember to talk out and get things solved instead of ignoring them for events. Also, you can concentrate on taking them to weekend events so that can refresh them and give stories to tell their friends at school


Many mothers do this mistake. Once they have their children in their life, they try to get away from their other engagements like being part of their trips and social parties with friends. On the other part, they will get easily upset about each of their kid’s behavior even if there is a slight misbehave.

Recommended Approach:

Kids don’t need all of your attention at once making you overstressed without any relaxation. They didn’t ask you. Leave them as they are. Allow slight misbehaves and some cheating at times. Don’t over restrict. Let them learn from their mistakes.

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Involving in Problems they have No Control Over

Kids have their own world and their own set of problems. There is a limit to involve little kids in family problems or tell them about the same. Think of their age before you even discuss those issues in front of them. Because even the small wound may turn into a long-term scar in their life.

Recommended Approach:

Tell the kids of your problems only if they are interested in knowing them. Also, don’t tell them the whole story. Tell them what won’t make them too scared. In the end, tell them what is your hope on the solution and also put words like “Don’t worry, everything will be OK”. This will portray to them how determined you are and how they should be when they face problems in their life

Argument & Fights

Parents involving in a fight/argument are seen almost in every house. But it differs how they showcase their relationship to their kid. Many kids are happy with their single parent separated by mutual understanding who had made their kid understand their situation that they cannot be together anymore. It always depends on how we showcase it. If the kid happens to see the fight / the argument all the time between his parents, their hope on relationships will be loosened and they will lose faith in their future relations as a result

Recommended Approach:

Avoid fights/arguments with/in front of your kid. If the situation prevails, put an end by arriving at a solution. Even if you decide that you cannot live with your spouse or decide to live with another person, discuss or inform your kid on the same and get their response on it. Decide who will be taking responsibility for your kid and how to make them not worry that their parents are separated

Never Say “Thanks”/”Sorry”

Parents may think that it is not necessary to say a “Thank You”/”Sorry” to their kids. But Kids have this habit of acting on what they hear/see. If they see you wishing “Good Morning. Have a nice day” /”Thank You” / “Sorry” for them or someone else in the family, they may also grow the habit of saying those golden words without any hesitation.

Recommended Approach:

The parent is their kid’s very first role model. DO WHAT YOU WANT YOUR KID TO DO. Be their best role model. Do not hesitate to say good words which you want them to say to others as a part of their good behavior.

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Victim for Jokes in Public

This is one of the serious mistakes that make the kid feel inferior at home, work, or anywhere they go. Kids will not have the maturity to take the critics positively even though many adults lack this. If their parents comment on their behavior to a third person, it will be taken too harshly by most of the kids.

Recommended Approach:

When you start to comment on your kid’s behavior to others, remember that you are commenting on your own. You can explain your kid’s abnormal behavior only to a physician to find a solution.
Be sure not to comment on them to others at least in front of them

Hope you got some ideas on this topic to understand what is right and what is wrong. Please don’t hesitate to share your own comments on this topic. You can also mention if you find any parenting mistakes that are not highlighted here. Thanks for reading!!!


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