Simple tips to Utilize your Time in Lockdown

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Make more focus. Improve your self-time.
In a lockdown when you have too much time and no focus, you will find just too many options to kill time. It all depends whether you utilise the available time in things that matter for your growth or spend it just like others

Work (Routine)

This may be something that you need to do daily. It may be your office work or personal work or family related. But this is something that you need to do irrespective of the day. Plan for it. Go ahead and do it. It can be accounting, designing, financial analysis or any other. It can also be self-projects or learning so you are ready with a skillset when you have a job. Though you are already in a job that pays you well, it is important to improve your skill and stay updated everyday to stay on the top.

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This is an area which you enjoy doing whatever you like Painting, drawing, musical instruments, reading, writing, cooking etc.,. Devoting time to something you enjoy doing helps you build healthy resistance against the pressures of life. It motivates you to live your life in your own way. An hour daily would not only relax you, it will bring you back to life with more energy. It will recreate your day and make your life meaningful.


Health is your important wealth. If you don’t take time for health daily, you’ll have to take time for your sickness. Most of us ignore this area of life until we suffer a breakdown, a burnout, a back pain. Prevention is better than cure. The idea of working out is that if you are in good shape, it helps to maintain you the way you are. So why wait until something slips? Do some dance, cycle, zumba, yoga at some part of your day which will guarantee you youthfulness and vitality for a long time to come and make your life more healthy and active. Also making movement for exercise will help you focus on your daily activity.

The above tips not only help you in your lockdown. You can follow it in your daily routine that will be much improvise your schedule for the day.

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