IRCTC WL (IRCTC Waiting Lists) status denotes that your reservation is not yet confirmed and do not have a confirmed seat for travel. In case someone cancels the ticket, the ticket moves to the front in the waiting list queue. On some special occasions, there is the chance to get seats in the extra bogies which may be attached to reduce the WL queue. The status of the ticket can be checked using the 10 – digit PNR number on any railway station or online.

indian railway pnr status

WL – IRCTC Waiting Lists

This is the normal waiting list status which will suffix with a number.

For example: If you get WL 5 status then 4 people have booked before you. Your waiting list number will move up if the confirmed ticket or the above waiting list tickets get cancelled.

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RLWL – Road-Side Location Waiting List

RLWL tickets will be issued to people who booked tickets between intermediate stations which are in important and big cities lying in a particular route. It provided a separate priority and confirmation. This type of wailing list will get confirm only when the confirmed ticket with the same source and destination is cancelled.

For example, the ticket is booked from Chennai to Salem with RLWL status. Then this ticket will get confirmed only when another confirmed ticket is cancelled which is booked from Chennai to Salem.

Since there is no RAC provision, it has very little chance of confirmation.

RLGN – Remote Location General

When people book a ticket in RLWL status then the booked ticket will be printed as RLGN waiting list

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RQWL – Request Waiting List

It is a ticket booked from intermediate to another intermediate station and this is not covered by remote, pooled (PQWL) or general quota. A ticket is confirmed only when there is a confirmed ticket for travelling from intermediate station to intermediate station.

PQWL – Pooled Quota Waiting List

PQWL tickets are issued to people travelling from the source to intermediate or intermediate to intermediate or intermediate to destination. It is shared between many small stations. Usually pooled quota has only one for the entire run. The chance of confirmation is very less. It is confirmed after the confirmation of other types of tickets.

LDWL – Ladies Quota Waiting List

LDWL is only for ladies and will be issued to the Ladies compartment.

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GNWL – General Waiting List

When people books ticket in the office of the originating station, they will get GNWL status and it has a high chance of confirmation.

CKWL – Tatkal Waiting List

CKWL refers to the tatkal waiting list. A ticket gets confirm only when a confirmed tatkal ticket gets cancelled. So the chance of confirmation is very less comparing to GNWL. Tatkal can be booked one day before the journey date.
The difference between normal WL and CKWL is,
for normal WL, when the confirmed ticket cancels then we can expect RAC
for CKWL, you won’t get RAC instead can expect a confirmed berth.

RAC – Reservation Against Cancellation

RAC status refers to that the ticket will have a high chance of confirmation for full berth before chart preparation. At least you will have a chance to get a sitting seat (half berth) in RAC.


CNF refers to the confirmed berth. You should get the berth details instantly or later in the chart.

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