Foods & Natural ways to Gain Weight Quickly

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About 35% of the people are underweight and they are doing lot of scam activities to gain weight quickly. Dr. Jeevitha, a professor in Howard university of medicine reveals the truth that no one can force their body to gain weight quickly because the body muscles need ample time to observe the nutrition throughout the body parts.

Are you Underweight or Normal?

Before proceeding to gain weight, first check whether your body is underweight or normal. Because if you are normal and trying to gain weight, there is a chance that you may became overweight. By checking BMI (Body Mass Index) we can decide whether you are underweight or normal. If your BMI is less then or equal to 18.5, then your body is underweight. Open the BMI calculator, enter your weight and height and check your BMI. If your BMI is below 18.5, then proceed with the below instruction.

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Foods to Gain Weight Quickly in Healthy way


Both white and yolk of the eggs are good source of proteins which helps to build muscles. It contains healthy fat and cholesterol to increase the body weight in healthy way. If you have high cholesterol, then consult your doctor before eating eggs. Eat two eggs daily in the morning with the breakfast.

Peanut Butter

Peanut butter is a tasty weight increasing diet food. 100g of peanut butter contains 641Kcal of calorie, 26g of protein and 51g of fat. Spread peanut butter in whole wheat bread to get more nutrition and calories.

Dairy Products

All the dairy products are filled with proteins, fats, calcium, magnesium and vitamins. Daily include dairy products like milk, ice cream, yogurt, butter, cheese in your diet plan. Have butter and cheese in limited quantity because it may create heart problems.


Banana fruit gives lot of energy instantly. It contains weight gaining nutrition like calories, carbohydrates and potassium. Eat one banana daily in the morning and evening with milk to get quick effect.

Dry fruits and Nuts

Dry fruits and nuts are rich in fats and proteins. Instead of junk snakes, you can have one handful of mixed dry fruits and nuts to gain weight in healthy way.
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Natural tips to Gain Weight Quickly in Healthy way

Make a habit of eating

Most of the skinny people never like to eat full. But if they want to increase their weight then they should make a habit of eating always. Try to eat even if you don’t like or you never had before.

Don’t drink liquids before the meal

Liquids like water, soda, juice might fill up your stomach and make you bloat. Once you drank, then you cannot eat the full meals at that time. After some time you may feel hungry.

Split your meals

Don’t follow the same 3 time meals per day. Split your meals and fill your stomach at least 4 hours once. Because some people cannot eat a full meals at once, so they can split and eat which fills their stomach and in turns it will increase your body weight.

Don’t waste money in supplements

There are several supplements available in the market to gain weight. Even you can see lot of advertisements for weight gaining supplements. Don’t go with this supplements because these type of supplements might cause several side effects and most of them are useless.

Consume more calories than you burn

If you are doing more physical activities or exercise then your body burns lot of calories which makes your body skinny. So consume more calories than you burn. Normally skinny people have to consume more than 500 calories per day.

Drink Juice

If you having a habit of drinking tea or coffee, then instead of that you can drink fresh juice or milk which gives essential nutrition to your body and it will not bloat your stomach.

Be patient

As I already mentioned, you cannot gain weight quickly. Your body needs some time to observe the nutrition and to build muscles. Gradually you can see the difference in your body.

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Consult the doctor

Did you already made all the efforts to gain weight? And still you are skinny? Then you have to consult the doctor immediately. Even some medical problems like cancer, thyroid, tuberculosis prevent you from gaining weight.

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