Home Remedies for Menstrual cramps & Irregular Periods

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We as women go through a lot of changes in our bodies, and menstrual is also one of them. Prior to getting the period, we get little pain in the breast, angriness, swings in mood, and tentative pain in the lower abdomen are common. Once you get a period all this pain will go, no need to worry. During the period some may suffer from menstrual cramps, Dysmenorrhea and get headaches, stomach ache, leg pain, and back pain. It is completely depending on the nature of the body type. Whatever pain we get on the first day of our period will be heavy pain.

On the first day, we will get pain and on the second day, we will be tired due to heavy flow. We will be worried even if we don’t get our periods on a regular basis and even we worry if we get it also by thinking of pain. I used to get a heavy stomach ache during my first day of menstrual. I used to take painkiller tablets or a few tablets which is available in the market after consulting Doctor, but I was not happy even with tablets, and long-term tablet consumption for period regularization and for pain-killing is not advisable.

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Menstrual Cramps – Long-Term Remedies

I followed below simple steps and I was surprised with the result and started thinking was this really so easy to get rid of period stomach ache?

1. Regularize your Period

It is very important to get your period regularized, as the problem starts when your period is irregular. To make it regularized, avoid regular consumption of fatty food like Panneer, cheese, fried items, and Maida flour. This food gives only give taste but it does not help much to your body. There are many tablets available in the market for regularization of the period, but do not go for any tablet without consulting Gynecologist, and these tablets are not recommended for the long term.

2. Yoga

Yoga is one of the best and most effective exercises to make menstrual on time and get rid of pain. There are some yoga asanas that you can do at your home. You just need to take 10 minutes from your day. Regular Yoga practice will keep your body looking young, and fit and gives you immunity and strength. There are a lot of web site which give you an idea of how to do yoga at home. The most important thing in Yoga is inhaling and exhaling, hence go to the websites which explain to you about breathing while you do Yoga.

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3. Healthy Food

Your day-to-day activities will definitely affect your body slowly. What you intake is also very important to regularize your menstrual and to get rid of the pain. Intake of Green leaves, vegetables, and fruits will give you positive results. Try to have vegetables and fruits along with your daily meals, which will help to improve your immunity. Only rice, wheat, and ragi flour will not help. Beetroot is one of the best vegetables to intake just a few weeks before your period dates on a regular basis.

4. Sleep on time

In this busy world, we do not get sleep on time or we do not think to give importance to sleep. We sleep whenever we get sleep or we control our sleep and prioritize our personal work. All the problem starts when there is a lack of sleep and a lack of healthy food intake. Sleeping on time is the best habit and solves many problems such as reducing tension, healthy skin, digestion problems, and much more. Make a habit of sleeping on time, it may be difficult initial days, maybe for a week.

Menstrual Cramps – Short-Term Remedies

Above steps will help you to reduce pain and regularize your period only on regular practice. When we have pain we will be worried and do not know what to do. Follow the below steps when you have stomach pain on the first day of your period.

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1. Have Food

It is very common that we do not feel like eating anything when we have a stomach ache but intake of hot milk, curd rice, idly will definitely give some relaxation. Have food that is not spicy and remember that you should not be on an empty stomach when you have pain.

2. Hot bag

Use hot bag to get relief from pain. When the blood is going out of your body you feel cold even though it is summer season. These symptoms are depending upon the nature of the body, some may feel cold some may feel hot. If you feel cold please use the hot bag and whenever you use the bathroom on that day try to wash your hands and legs with hot water to feel relief.

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As soon as you notice that you got a period try to sleep and take rest for an hour minimum. After your sleep, your pain will reduce or it may not even come. Since the blood I going out of your body, it is very common to feel tired. So drink Lime juice, tender coconut, and glucose which will give instant energy.

3. Cumin seeds

Try to intake raw cumin seeds along with water or with hot water. Cumin seeds have many medical qualities which even help to reduce pain.

information is given based on my own experience. Try to follow these above steps on a regular basis to get the result. If you are allergic to any of the above-mentioned steps kindly stop using them immediately and consult Doctor.

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