6 Unknown Facts about Breastfeeding – You Didn’t Know

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We all heard or aware of that breastfeeding is best food for new born babies. Before we start exploring about the unknown facts about breastfeeding, let me tell you how the milk produces in breast. Body start producing Milk first during pregnancy. The milk will be thick, nutritious during initial days of baby born and medically called as Colostrum and later it turns into Mature Milk. Milk can change day by day.

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Common Facts About Breastfeeding

There are few facts which new mom may face and it is natural. Below are the few facts which you may feel it post pregnancy, If you are going through any one or all of the below symptoms, you are absolutely OK, need not to worry / rush to doctor.

1. Milk may not be white always.
2. You may feel one breast producing milk more compared to another.
3. Larger in breast size.
4. Milk does not flow easily or it may flow very fast.
5. Breast my leak.

You may experience many more other than the above listed. We tried to list the very common facts which avoid unnecessary worries. If your problem is other than this we request you to consult specialist for the better result.

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Now let’s talk about the unknown facts about the breast feeding. There is a saying that “Along with baby mother also born.” Mother will also new to this world of motherhood. We have been tried our best to gt the information based on our research and analysis.

1. Breast feeding enhance the Baby’s immune system long time

Breast milk contains antibodies which will help baby to fight against the diseases and it will also help to increase the immune system of baby. Hence doctor prefer for breast milk for new born till certain period. It is also very important to have good and nutrition food during your pregnancy which will help in long term growth.

2. It helps to reduce Breast Cancer

Breastfeeding even good for mother, as it reduces the risk of Heart attacks and breast cancer. Breast feeding women will have fewer menstrual cycles which will reduce the exposure of estrogen, even research says that Breastfeeding makes breast cells more resistant to mutations which can cause cancer.

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3. Weight Reduction

Happy news right!!! Yes you heard true, as per recent theory and research says that, breast feeding can reduce your weight and it will help you to come back to pre-pregnancy weight. To produce breast milk it almost takes 1000 calories in a day. Human body consumes 25% of energy and baby consume only 67% of milk. Hence its advices to consume 500 calories to prevent body being from starvation mode.

4. Changes in milk quality as the baby grows

As the baby grow, mother body also changes in producing the milk. It may become watery during summer season to avoid dehydration for babies. The thickness of milk during 3 will not be there during 9 months. The colour, thickness changes as per the baby requirement.

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5. Breast can deduct fluctuations

Yes it is true that feeding breast can deduct the fluctuation of baby’s temperature, even one degree and it will accordingly adjust the temperature as per baby requires. It also help baby to get deep sleep and maintain calmness.

6. Creates Emotions

It also help in increasing the emotional bonding towards baby and vice versa. as skin to skin contact are the best contact and it will help baby to create the feeling of their mother and baby start recognizing.

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