10 Things What Men look for in Women

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We all are aware that men are attracted to women. Well every man is dissimilar, each has unique likes and dislikes.

Personality make huge difference like Beauty, Blonde, attractive eyes and curves are attracts in first go but these does not work in long relationship. There are certain things and opinion of men looks in his women is in common.

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Below are 10 simple and basic thing which men are attracted to.

1. Positive Girl

For men nothing more attractive than positive women who carry herself very well. Be confident and know what suits you most. If you are asking often for clarity it may lead him to re think about you. If you are habitude for it stop it immediately. Think always that you are special and that’s why he is attracted to you.

2. Sharp/ Clever Girl

Mostly believed that men like more “frail” girl, but that’s not true. Men looks for a women who can influence them. The best way to showcase is to keep yourself busy in your life. Do not avoid or stop your interests and hobbies. By stopping your hobbies and interest, it will allow your empty mind to think unnecessary things and lead to conflict. At the same time it’s even very important that whenever you are with him, just give your 100 percent attention only to him.

3. Emotionally Matured

A women with emotionally matured is one more basic character which man will love to see in his girl. Immaturity will always lead to conflicts and lead to heads down situation for him. He will look for a condolences when in is down. Man will be emotionally depend on his women hence they expect you to give a strength by his side whenever needed. Care his likes and dislikes.

4. Prize Him

Admire him for what you like about him and for the things he is doing good and you feel happy about it. It applies even women, its human nature that positive Prize always make happy and give unknown energy and help to continue to do so. Hence do not think over it, go ahead and prize him for what he does well. Repeat it whenever you feel the time is perfect.

5. Fun-loving Girl

Majority of the guys are attracted to fun-loving girl, who smile, active and through her naughtiness. It will help him to open up and he likes to enjoy those naughtiness with you. Girl always with sad face will make guys to feel petty but it does not make them to feel happy.

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Relationship have been made to live happy. So always good to enjoy your life with him. Share all your feelings and do crazy things when he is with you.

6. Caring

As said earlier men will be most dependent on his girl emotionally. They take a time for commitment but once they are committed they will be open up to you and can’t easily mould with other quickly. Give him a space to share everything and provide all the freedom to tell you whatever he feels. Guys can be hold from jumping from one relationship to another only by nurturing. Too much caring should not irritating to him as well. give lots of love take care of all his needs, your love will hold you back him from jumping from one relation to another.

7. Be an Obedient girl

Guys can accept everything but not the girl who is not obedient to him. Trust is the basic foundation of any relationship. They can accept the fact how much ever bad things might have happened in your life but do not continue such things which can break his trust.

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Especially guys does not like if his girl looks to other guys, because guys are the biggest jealously person when it comes to his girl. So be honest with him do not flirt with other guys, if any one does it to you also do not accept it.

8. Dress Well

No matter whether you go for work or not get ready always. Dress yourself well for him. He will like it. Wear modern or traditional dress as well as per situation and which is most suitable for your personality. Maintain your figure with all the healthy diet and by doing exercise every day. Keep yourself fit.

9. Cleanness

Keep the things around you clean. It’s always said that guys are dirty, which is the biggest lie. They like cleanliness but they get mess up to maintain it, hence it will be your top most priority to keep the things clean and well organized.

10. Surprise Him

In Relationship it’s necessary to surprise each other with gifts. Gifts are the best way to express your felling and priority of partner place in your life. This applies to both men and women. Sometime gifts express your feeling more than your words. Make a habit of gifting.

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For guys you can gift Perfumes, Gadgets, Watches, Goggles etc.. For girl’s dolls, Flowers especially bunch of Roses, chocolates, traditional dress like Saree, ankle, Bangles etc… do not go for dress, each girl will have their own choice and it’s not easy to satisfy them when it comes to dress.

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